Handmade Tile Inspired by the Japanese Garden: Our Kyoto Collection

handmade tile mural, carved earthenware with buddhaInspired by the natural serenity of the Japanese garden, Our Kyoto Collection, in colours of stone and lichen, feature koi fish, plum blossoms, bamboo, pine, and Buddhist imagery. 

Each design in this collection is an original Terra Home creation. After a long process of creating, sketching and refining, the final design is meticulously drawn out to scale, then transferred to a block of wet clay. The image is then carved carefully into the clay, creating a relief pattern and delicate detail work, like the veins on bamboo leaves or the Buddha's serene smile.

This painstakingly carved original, which can take up to a day to execute, is destined to be destroyed so a mold can be created. Once the master mold is created, subsequent tiles are pressed by hand into the mold, in a labour-intensive, traditional process.
handmade accent tile with japanese plum blossom, or ume, motif

handmade tile with japanese pine motif
Handmade tile frieze or back splash or border, with japanese koi fish and willow motif.
The  Koi and Willow Frieze and Bamboo Grove Frieze tiles create a continuous pattern when laid end to end. 

Handmade tile frieze or backsplash or border, with japanese bamboo forest motif.

These tiles are for courtyard fountains, pools, garden installations and architectural or interior embellishments like stair risers, entryways, and fireplaces.

I am currently accepting select art tile commissions, contact me if you'd like me to consider your project.

As well, single Kyoto Collection pieces are often available in the Shop.


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