Handmade Tile Inspired by Moorish Gardens and Architecture: Our Alhambra Collection

hand made moorish tile turquoise crackle glaze decorative

Inspired by Moorish architecture and Turkish ceramics, this collection of rich cobalt and turquoise tiles feature stylized floral motifs and traditional arabesque patterns. Each design in this collection is an original Terra Home creation, inspired by historical designs. 

hand made art tile m=in moorish design and turquoise crackle glaze
How the Tiles Are Made

After a long process of creating, sketching and refining, I draw the final design out to scale, then transfer it to a slab of wet clay. Then I carve the image carefully into the clay, creating a relief pattern and delicate detail work, like the faux arabic script or delicately carved stylized tulips on the borders of the tiles. 

This hand carved original, which can take up to a day to create, is destined to be destroyed so a mold can be created. Once I create the master mold in plaster, I make each tile individually by pressing wet clay into the mold. After drying and bisque firing, I rub each piece with cobalt oxide, then glaze by hand with transparent turquoise glaze. 

large round hand made turquoise moorish style tile for fountain


These tiles are for courtyard fountains, pools, garden installations and architectural or interior embellishments like stair risers, entryways, and fireplaces.

I am currently accepting select art tile commissions, contact me if you'd like me to consider your installation. As well, single pieces are occasionally available in the Shop.


NurseT said...

Your tiles are all so beautiful. I love the border tiles in this post!

vineeta said...

This one is SOOOO gorgeous!!! I would love to blog about your shop & work with a link back to your shop/this site. Do let me know what you think of it. You can write to me on vineetanair2222@gmail.com as well.