Handmade Tile Inspired by Vintage Japanese Textiles: Our Hanabi Collection

hand made art tile japanese chrysanthemum

I've always been charmed by the soft, sophisticated colourways of vintage Japanese kimono silks, and fascinated by the symbolic language of their surprisingly modern, graphic patterns.

I worked with these inspirations to create the shapes, patterns, and colours of our Hanabi Collection of handmade tile. The starburst pattern I used is actually a traditional, stylized version of the chrysanthemum, a beautiful flower of late Fall, and an important motif in the symbolic language of Japanese textiles. Nobility, natural order, longevity, and good fortune are qualities associated with the chrysanthemum.

The bell shaped tile is based on a traditional wave pattern. Stylized water patterns appear often in Japanese textiles. Eight positive qualities are attributed to the water symbol: it is clear, cool, healing, soothing, odorless, delicious, light, and soft.

I would love to see a walk in shower tiled in the turquoise wave pattern tiles! Below are some installation ideas for our Hanabi tiles (by the way, hanabi means 'fire flower' or fireworks!)

hand made art tile japanese chrysanthemum blue diamond

These tiles are for fountains, pools, garden installations and architectural or interior embellishments like back splashes, showers, entryways, and fireplaces.

I am currently accepting select art tile commissions, contact me if you'd like me to consider your project.