birds, blossoms, butterflies on porcelain

Fresh from the kiln: porcelain lovebird vases. Some with matte finish and white gloss liner glaze and rims, some with glossy finish and white gloss liner glaze. Hand built from porcelain slabs, hand painted with motifs derived from Chinoiserie wallpaper. Coming soon to the Shop.

welcome spring!

Welcome Spring! Tulips and carnations in one of my porcelain songbird vases. See the shop for more handpainted vases.

surface design inspiration

I found this old Staffordshire platter at a thrift shop yesterday and I'm pretty thrilled with it. I love these exotic fantasy plant motifs which sprang out of the contact English potters and designers had with Chinese porcelains. I too am inspired by Chinese porcelains, and I too allow my imagination to run in its own direction with that original inspiration. I'm back to the studio tomorrow, and I'm going to be working on some new designs for porcelain pendants, vases, and dessert plates, with wildly imaginative vaguely Chinese flora. By the way, if you want to see behind the scenes studio and process shots, sneak preview product shots, plus loads of visual inspiration and the occasional snap of my pug or something I'm eating, then follow me on Instagram @bronwynsimons.


I wanted to share with you a few things that are influencing and inspiring my recent work in porcelain.

1. Incredible autumn sunshine pouring over my worktable.
2. My beloved collection of art and design books - particularly loving Chinoiserie by Dawn Jacobson right now.
3. Historic Japanese ceramics. These painted tea bowls make me swoon.
4. Chinese painted porcelain - look at those cherry blossoms! I could (do) spend hours pouring over the Victoria and Albert Museum website.
5. Antique hand painted wallpaper.
6. I need to have fresh flowers around me, always. You can learn everything you need to know about graceful line by looking at these peonies.

What's influencing and inspiring you today?

hand made subway tile with turquoise crackle glaze

hand made ceramic subway tile with turquoise crackle glaze

This is our most popular glaze. You can see why, right? It's rich and jewel-like and the subtle colour variations run from sea green to deep mineral turquoise.

Our subway tiles are unique. The usual method for creating hand made subways is to roll out a big sheet of clay on a slab roller, then cut each piece from the slab, either by hand, or with a template. This creates a nice tile with crisp edges and a uniformly flat surface. But what people love about our subways is their sensuous rounded edges and their very tactile softly varied surface texture - all this in a uniformly sized and shaped tile. Our secret is hand made plaster molds. We press each tile by hand into a hand made mold. We have about ten different molds just for this plain subway piece, so each piece is a little bit different in surface character from the next.

hand made art tile turquoise crackle glaze

These tiles are for bath or kitchen, courtyard fountains, pools, garden installations and architectural or interior embellishments.  I am currently accepting select art tile commissions, contact me if you'd like me to consider your project.